We provide a unique staged service to landholders:
Stage 1: Initial scoping and feasibility assessment:

  • An initial site meeting by Peter to outline Wattle seeds Australia’s services and to understand the clients’ interests and aspirations for commercial outcomes as well as what project resources are available
  • A detailed site assessment (climate, soil, relief) and analysis of existing Wattle tree species, Wattle tree species to trial, irrigation and or dryland options
  • Small trial Research & Development requirements
  • Identify any value adding or niche marketing opportunities

Stage 2: Enterprise implementation:

  • Details of project set up costs: site selection, fencing and land preparation.
  • Sourcing planting material and essential infrastructure.
  • Research & Development planning and small trial set up.
  • Implementation of enterprises, ongoing technical support, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Silvicultural management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Harvest and post-harvest handling
  • Markets & advice
  • Optional plant IP protection – PBR