We specialise in the wild harvest, management and enrichment of native Wattle tree stands.

Our core activity is the domestication, cultivation and management of edible Wattles grown in plantations/wind breaks and Agroforestry systems for environmental services and economic returns.

These plantations provide farm diversification and complement mainline enterprises.

Wattle tree plantations, windbreaks & Agroforestry systems

We provide a unique staged service to landholders:

Stage 1: Initial scoping and feasibility assessment:

  • An initial site meeting by Peter to outline Wattle seeds Australia’s services and to understand the clients’ interests and aspirations for commercial outcomes as well as what project resources are available
  • A detailed site assessment (climate, soil, relief) and analysis of existing Wattle tree species, Wattle tree species to trial, irrigation and or dryland options
  • Small trial Research & Development requirements
  • Identify any value adding or niche marketing opportunities

Stage 2: Enterprise implementation:

  • Details of project set up costs: site selection, fencing and land preparation.
  • Sourcing planting material and essential infrastructure.
  • Research & Development planning and small trial set up.
  • Implementation of enterprises, ongoing technical support, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Silvicultural management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Harvest and post-harvest handling
  • Markets & advice
  • Optional plant IP protection – PBR

Wild harvest, management and enrichment of native Wattle tree stands

  • Landholders may have good wild stands of edible Wattle tree species on their land. Advice and support is provided to identify species and evaluate potential Wattle seed production.
  • Silvicultural management (esp. spacing & pruning) will enhance and assist in the stable and consistent production of seed. Enrichment plantings from locally adapted Wattle tree species can enhance and develop the resource, together with harvest methods.

Wattle tree nursery

We grow a range of edible Wattle tree species and can source other Wattle tree species for revegetation. All our seedlings are grown from selected provenances, seed lots, and cuttings or from grafted material.

All seedlings need to be pre-ordered and will take from 6-12 months to supply. The list of current species/seed lots is available on our website.

Wattle seed workshops & masterclasses

Our workshops and masterclasses cover all aspects of edible Wattle seed production with interactive classroom sessions, hands on field excursions – all aimed at ensuring participants can become competent and self-sustaining in the commercial production of Wattle seeds.

Keynote speaker

Peter is a Keynote speaker with over 20 years of international knowledge and experience with edible Australian Wattle seed production.