Peter Cunningham

Peter Cunningham

Established in 2018 by Director, Peter Cunningham, Wattle seeds Australia is a unique and comprehensive service to inform, support, develop and grow the emerging edible Wattle seed industry in Australia.

Peter’s background in irrigated horticulture (Citrus, vines, vegetable) in Sunraysia (NW Victoria) combined with a Research & Development career in agronomy, legume inoculant, and forage plant breeding (1983-96) provided a valuable skill set and experience for international rural development in Africa (2000-18).

The domestication and incorporation of edible multi-purpose Australian Wattles (A.colei, A.torulosa, A.tumida, A.saligna) into agroforestry farming systems was a key focus. Wattle seed flour was incorporated into village diets (Protein supplement) to reduce malnutrition and improve food security. These multi-purpose Wattles were coppicing trees and provided many other services and benefits (animal & bee fodder, land restoration, fuelwood, building timber, tools) that improved farm productivity and livelihoods.

This knowledge, experience with indigenous cultures and practice is now available to help landowners produce edible Wattle seed in any region of Australia.

Our grass roots consultancy services provides a complete package: Wild harvest, resource management and enrichment, Wattle seed orchards/plantations (scoping & feasibility assessment and enterprise implementation) comprising adapted species that produce consistent seed production with sustainable best management practices.