Wattle seed is Australia’s most undervalued native plant source of nutrition.

Our mission is to inform, support and train clients to become competent and self-sustaining in the commercial production of edible Wattle seeds.

Value of Australian edible Wattle seeds

Wattles belong to the Acacia genus comprising over 1300 species worldwide with over 1000 species native to Australia. They are Australia’s most abundant tree species thriving in all climatic zones and soil types.

Traditional use

Indigenous people throughout Australia relied on this high protein supplement for thousands of years. Wattle seed was used in a variety of ways. Near ripe seed was steamed, or mature seed roasted, ground into flour, then eaten as a paste or mixed with other plants into biscuits.

Nutritive value

Wattle seed flour has a high health star rating and compares favourably with Superfoods (Ancient grains- hemp and super blends). It is high in crude protein (18-27%), carbohydrate (25-51%, low glycaemic index), fats (7-15%), a good source of minerals (Zn, Mg, and Ca), rich in Iron, contains selenium, and is high in dietary fibre (30-40%) and gluten free. A mix of cereal (wheat, millet, sorghum) and Wattle seed flour has a full and balanced amino acid profile.

Native food industry

Wattle seeds are on the high priority list of Australia’s emerging Native food industry and are used in a wide variety of products and the health food industry. Current market demand far outstrips supply which comes mainly from wild harvest.

The future growth and maturity of the Wattle seed industry in Australia will depend on:

  • Wild harvest with growing opportunities from the management and enrichment of native Wattle tree stands.
  • The horticultural production of domesticated and selected edible Wattle tree species in plantations and/or windbreaks, together with Agroforestry systems on farms.

Specialist scientific advice, networking and partnerships

Our Director, Peter Cunningham has over 35 years of international experience in Agroforestry in diverse climates and has specialised in Wattle tree genetics, domestication, plantations, silvicultural management and farming systems in Africa and Australia.

We maintain and develop strong scientific networks and partnerships with the Native food industry and Indigenous communities.

Our services

We specialise in the wild harvest, management and enrichment of native Wattle tree stands.

Our core activity is the domestication, cultivation and management of edible Wattles grown in plantations/wind breaks and Agroforestry systems for environmental services and economic returns.

These plantations provide farm diversification and complement mainline enterprises.